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The Siemens MAG8000 flow meter can be connected to a field unit to provide detailed information about water flow and health of the flow meter.

As part of an Observant system, the meter can show:

  • the current flow rate
  • total flow: today, 7 days, month, 3 months, since reset
  • historical data:
    • total flow, flow rate: logged every 10 minutes
    • fault, status: logged on change
  • all faults/alarms as reported by the meter:
    • Coil current error
    • Preamplifier overload
    • Database checksum error
    • Low power warning
    • Flow overload warning
    • Pulse A overload warning
    • Pulse B overload warning
    • Consumption interval warning
    • Leakage warning
    • Empty pipe warning
    • Low impedance warning
    • Flow limit warning
    • Reverse flow warning


Water flow in industrial or agricultural environments.

Supported Models 

Manufacturer: Siemens AG
Model: SITRANS F M MAG 8000 Electromagnetic Flowmeters


The Observant field unit should be located as close as possible to the meter. Refer to the wiring instructions accompanying the device and connect it to a field unit port as follows:

Port Terminal MAG8000 pin Sensor Wire Colour
 RS485A Data+ (pin 92)   Blue
 RS485B  Data- (pin 91) Yellow 
 Ground  Ground  Green


Special notes

  • The meter must be fitted with the optional Siemens RS485 Communication module
  • Very frequent updates can severely reduce battery life in the meter. Refer to the Siemens MAG8000 operating instructions for guidance.



The meter must be configured with the appropriate communication settings. Refer to the Siemens MAG8000 operating instructions:

  • Rate: 9600
  • Data bits: 8
  • Parity: none
  • Stop bits: 1

To add the device in Observant Global, select Siemens MAG8000 from the 'Flow Sensor' category in Manage Equipment and set the following options appropriately:

  • Port: If the flow sensor is physically connected to the RS485 1 port select PortA. If the flow sensor is physically connected to the RS485 2 port select PortB. 
  • Address: must match the address set in the meter. 



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