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Jain Logic is a subscription based service. It’s important to understand that all Jain Solutions sold will have ongoing Subscription Fees. Ongoing use of Jain Logic and the ability for Jain equipment to communicate with the Jain Logic software platform requires the payment of these recurring charges. 

The subscription fees cover all aspects of your use: the cellular communications costs for the equipment, all data transfer, storage and historical data retention services, SMS and email notifications, access to the entire suite of online, cloud-based applications from your browser and mobile devices, and a Melbourne based support team to help you with any questions or problems you might have with your system. 

Jain Logic Subscription Fees are charged on a monthly basis, per telemetry unit, regardless of how it connects, i.e. Cellular, Radio or both. Customers will be charged directly using the Billing Portal

The following table outlines the subscription pricing model, where you can find three distinct product offerings - ‘Monitoring’, ‘Agronomic’ and ‘Control’

Monthly Subscription Fees 


Using Jain Telemetry Hardware for Monitoring Equipment in the field, i.e. water level, camera, rainfall, line flow, and pressure.



Using Jain Telemetry Hardware for Monitoring Plant or Growing Conditions in the field, i.e. soil moisture, complete weather station, and micro-climate.



Using Jain Telemetry Hardware for Controlling Equipment in the field, i.e. valve, actuator, pump, engine or any other type of control.


Subscription fees include GST. A site with a mix of both monitoring and control devices will be charged by the higher fee.


Need help?

We are here to help! Get in touch with our accounts team if you need further help to understand your Subscription Fees. Call our Toll Free number 1300 224 688 or contact your dealer to coordinate technical assistance.

Note: This subscription model applies to customers who created a portfolio on and after 1 August 2019. 

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