Technical Note — Sentek Drill and Drop Soil Moisture Probe (with Observant C3)


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The Sentek Drill and Drop Soil probes can measure soil moisture, temperature, and (optionally) salinity along the length of the probe at every 4" (10 cm).


The Sentek Drill and Drop Soil probe, used in combination with Observant Global, paints a complete picture of what’s happening in the soil profile by combining soil moisture, salinity and temperature readings. Undisturbed installation allows for measurement of truly representative soil profile, not slurry mix. It is ideal for seasonal use, such as monitoring vegetable crops, due to the fast and easy install and extraction techniques. Applications include

  • Vegetable crops
  • Fruit & Nut tree crops
  • Berries
  • Vines
  • Research
  • Landscapes

Supported Models 

The following models are supported:

  • Sentek TriSCAN Drill & Drop 12’’ (30cm)
  • Sentek TriSCAN Drill & Drop 24’’ (60cm)
  • Sentek TriSCAN Drill & Drop 35’’ (90cm)
  • Sentek TriSCAN Drill & Drop 47’’ (120cm)
  • Sentek TriSCAN Drill & Drop 59’’ (1.5m) 

Connection to Field Unit Ports

The sensor's bare wires can be connected to the RS232/SDI port directly:

Port Terminal Sensor Wire Colour
Power   Red
 Tx  Not connected
 Rx  White
 Ground  Green



A detailed installation manual can be downloaded from section below


Adding in Global

The Sentek Drill and Drop Soil probe device should be added to a C3 unit via Manage Equipment with the default configuration: 


Manuals, Links and Downloads

Manufacturer's Product Page

Manufacturer's Installation Guide

Manufacturer's Specification Sheet 
Sentek Drill and Drop Soil Probe Product Brochure

Manufacturer's Installation Manual can be downloaded here. 


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