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To help customers determine which devices are supported by the Observant hardware we have listed all (currently) supported devices under the relevant solution offering. You'll notice some devices fit under a number of solutions, this should help customers choose complementary devices for a selected solution offering. 

Water Level Monitoring

  • Senix TSPC Ultrasonic Sensor: Suitable for monitoring in tanks, dams, turkeys nests, and channels.
  • Generic Loop-powered 4-20mA sensor: Suitable for monitoring bores. In terms of recommended brands or models, we don't officially have a preferred sensor but we have in the past seen success with:
    • Keller - Acculevel
    • Dwyer - SBLT2
    • Seametrics - EcoPRO / PS98i

Image Capture

Flow and Line Pressure Monitoring

Flow Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Weather and Environmental Monitoring

Weather Station

Rain Gauge

Microclimate sensor

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Pump Management

Irrigation Solution

Generic Sensor

  • Logged Input Sensor - displays the status of an individual Input Port on a Field Unit. Any device that has a set of open/closed contacts can be connected to a Field Unit and monitored using a logged input sensor. Reed switches, pressure switches and float switches are common examples. Typical usage includes gate monitoring, electric pump monitoring and pressure switches in tanks or poly pipes.
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