Release Notes — March 25, 2019

Observant Support

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Access to the Billing Portal

If you are the Payment Contact for your Portfolio, you now have access to the Billing Portal for management of your Observant ‘billing subscriptions’ directly from the Portfolio Settings page. The Billing Portal allows you to view your subscriptions, providing easy access to all of your past invoices, making preparation for your tax returns a breeze.



Update Your Credit Card Details Online

From the Billing Portal you can now also update your credit card details, if and when you require.



Renaming Cards in Monitor

It is now possible to rename your Monitor cards directly from the cards' ‘cog’ menu. This should help reduce time going into Manage Equipment to rename sites and devices, and allow you to choose more meaningful names for your cards. This combined with the Monitor Filter Tabs feature should also help you to organise your cards more easily.




Monitor Filter Tabs ‘Synced’ Across Devices

Monitor filters will now be ‘synced’ across your devices, meaning filters configured on one device will appear when loading Monitor on a second device.





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