Linak Actuator — Initializing an Actuator via Monitor


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‘Initialising’ the actuator is a routine that causes the actuator to reset its position.  This is important as over time, the sensor’s position can become inaccurate.  If you’re having persistent issues with an actuator, this is a good place to start.

The Initialise command is found in the cog menu of the Monitor Card. 



  • The actuator must be free to run fully to its inwards position (0mm) in order to initialize successfully.
  • Initialising the actuator will leave it in a fully retracted state ('Open' for iRisers, while 'Closed' for iLifters). 
  • If you're making the changes on behalf of someone else, confirm with the end-user first if it's ok to Open the actuator as this may let water out.


If you want to Close the actuator after initialisation, you can do so from the cog menu of the Monitor Card:



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