Release Notes — October 31, 2018

Observant Support

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Helpdesk Article Links in Manage Equipment

Manage Equipment now links to relevant Helpdesk articles to help you streamline your equipment diagnostics. Device errors and warnings (with a question mark icon) will link you directly to the associated article.



Schedule Health Improvements

We have made several improvements to the Schedule Application, including:

  • Prevention of unhealthy items from being added to a schedule.
  • Prevention of schedules with items in error from beings saved, i.e. when re-using schedules with unhealthy equipment.
  • Better contextual health information about the equipment that you have available to schedule. This will enable you to see which equipment is healthy and which require action to return them to a healthy, schedulable state.
  • Direct links from the Schedule App to Manage Equipment, where you will be able to better diagnose the issue.


Better Performance when Editing a Schedule

Over the last year, we’ve made some significant improvements to the way Observant field units are communicating with Observant Global. These improvements allowed us to reduce the time it takes an edit to an irrigation schedule (say skipping or adding a bay) update the relevant field units. In the past an edit to a large schedule with 10-20 bays could take 5-10 minutes to update all the field units. After our recent changes we expect to see the units updated within a minute or two.


Support for the Murphy TEC-10 Engine Controller

We’ve added support for Murphy’s TEC-10 controller, which allows advanced monitoring and control of Diesel Engines. The TEC-10 can now be connected to a C3 unit to enable the customer to manage their engine remotely through Observant Global. You can read more about it here.



Proactive Support

Over the last few months we’ve introduced a few internal tools to help improve our customer service. We’ve introduced detailed internal reports and added more internal system alerts, which allow us to identify and act on problems early, sometimes even before the customer sees an issue with their system.


For Dealers

Improved Links Between Management Applications

We have improved the links between the various Management Applications in Global, to enable you to move more easily and directly to where you need to go.


Typing Support for Portfolio Selector in Global

The portfolio selector in Global now provides basic typing support. This allows you type the first letters of a portfolio name to highlight it in the list of portfolios. For dealers with a large number of portfolios this should be a big time saver.


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