Linak Actuator - Stopped Due to Low Voltage Error


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This error is due to low voltage on the power supply, which indicates the actuator is drawing more current than the field unit can support. There are a number of likely causes for this, including:


Resolving the Error

You won't be able to schedule the Bay until the error is cleared. 

Wiring Issue

Check if wires and cables are connected securely to the field unit and Linak Actuator. Also check for any damage, shorts, pinching, etc. 

If a wiring issue has been found and fixed, run the actuator to remove the error. The action is found in the cog menu of the Monitor Card.




Faulty Field Unit

Contact our Support Team or your Primary Service Provider if you think the unit could be the cause. We will be able to inspect the unit remotely if it is online and determine if it is faulty. 


Faulty Actuator

If the field unit is not faulty, and there is no wiring issue, it is likely that the actuator itself is faulty. To test this, use the field unit to run another actuator. If that actuator runs without any trouble, then the original actuator is likely to have failed and will need to be replaced. 

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