How can I connect two or more Soil Probes?

Rowan Chase

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Generally, Soil Probes are connected to the C3 or Solo via the SDI-12 port, of which there is only one.  So how can I connect more than one probe?


Use the Soil Probe's configuration software to set different addresses for each probe, then connect them in parallel on the SDI-12 port.


The SDI-12 communication protocol allows for multiple devices on the same bus (wires), so long as no two devices have the same address. 

To do so, you'll need to set the address on the probes themselves, which is usually done by downloading the probe manufacturer's configuration program, plugging the probe into your computer and configuring the address.  If you can't find instructions how to do this on the manufacturer's website, feel free to connect our Support team for help.

You'll then wire the probes on the C3 or Solo's SDI-12 port in parallel, which just means that every probes Power, Tx, Rx and ground wires are all connected together.

Finally, you need to tell the C3 or Solo which address you've programmed each probe for, this is done by setting the address in Manage Equipment, under the soil probe's 'Settings' menu.

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