How do I suspend my service?


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How do I suspend my subscription service if I am not using it during the non-irrigation seasons?


You need to send us an official request to suspend your account. When you want your account to be back online, you need to send us an official request to reactivate your account.


You can send your request via Helpdesk. We will respond and take action with in 3 business days after we receive your request. Please refer to the suspension policy below before you submit your request.

Suspension policy:

1. Billing can only be suspended on a per portfolio basis (for each portfolio individually) for a fixed term or indefinite term.
2. Billing can only be suspended by the nominated billing contact for the portfolio.
3. Billing can be suspended for a fixed term of up to 3 months with no charge, or indefinitely which will incur a deactivation charge of $35.
4. Suspension will start from the next billing cycle date after the request is received.
5. Billing will recommence from the billing cycle date of the month when the suspension is removed. 
6. Only one fixed term suspension is allowed in any 12 month period.


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