Which solenoid valves are suitable for the C3 to operate?

Rowan Chase

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Which solenoid valves are suitable to be opened and closed by a C3 directly from the outputs, without any additional equipment?


Non-latching 12VDC solenoids with a peak current less than 600mA.


The C3's outputs, when active, provide 12V DC with a maximum current of 600mA.  This limits the  C3 to solenoids to non-latching types that meet these electrical requirements.  Non-latching solenoids will continue to draw power from the C3 when active.  You can purchase either "Normally Open" or "Normally Closed" valves, this indicates the state that the valve is in when no power is applied or in other words, the C3 output is inactive.  You should choose based on which state the valve is likely to spend more time in, ie. open or closed.

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