What type of antenna should I use to improve reception for a C3 unit?


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The signal strength on site is weak, so I need to improve reception, what antenna should I use?


For C3s, you can upgrade the antenna to a higher gain one, for example, whip antenna, to improve reception. An external antenna cannot be added for Solos. 


C3 units are available with various combinations of radio, each of which requires an external antenna. All connector/cable impedances are 50 ohm. The antennas should be installed according to the guidelines for best performance. 

In terms of recommended brands or models, Observant don't officially have a favoured type but we have in the past seen success with the following : 

  Type Supplier Supplier Description Specs Contact
3G/900MHz Stub/Dome Antenna RFI RFI CSM700-VA6
  • 698 - 960MHz, 2.0dBi
  • 1710 - 2170MHz, 3.5dBi
  • 2300 - 2700MHz, 5.0dBi
  • 95mm height
  • Box mount, 16mm stud
(+61) 3 9789 7532
Whip Antenna ZCG Scalar OBS-GIDM-90-T(GSM)
  • 890-960MHz
  • 5.1dBi
  • 400mm height
  • Bracket/box mount with min 10mm diameter hole
(+61) 3 5157 1203
Broomstick Antenna  RFI RFI COL2194-VA1
  • 824-960MHz
  • 5.5dBi
  • 735mm height
 (+61) 3 9789 7532
 UHF  Whip Antenna  RFI RFI CD94-71-VA1
  • 470 - 490MHz, 6.5dB
  • 810mm height
  • Box mount 13mm or 16mm hole
  • Supplied with 350mm of RG58 cable permanently attached, BNC terminated
 (+61) 3 9789 7532
High Gain Antenna ZCG Scalar ZN2-77-06-AC
  • 477MHz, 8.1dBi
  • 2.5m height
  • Pole mount
  • Type N connector on base
  • Supplied with 6, 8 or 12m of RG213 cable, BNC terminated
(+61) 3 5157 1203

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