Can I use a pressure sensor to monitor water levels?

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Can I monitor water levels with a pressure sensor?


Yes, a 4-20mA Generic Pressure Sensor is supported for both the Solo and C3 Telemetry units.  

Note: Solo - will require a sensor accessory pack to be wired correctly. 



Although a pressure sensor can be used to measure water levels we would recommend using the Water Level Monitoring Solution, which uses the Senix UltraSonic Sensor.

Senix UltraSonic Sensor — Pros: More accurate readings, longer lifespan as the sensor doesn't make contact with water directly. Cons: Must have a clear path to the water, no obstructions. 

4-20mA Generic Pressure Sensor — Pros: Cheaper, ease of install, must be dropped into the deepest most central point. Cons: Can drift in accuracy over time, more susceptible to interference from a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and tend to have a shorter lifespan. 

In terms of recommended brands or models, Observant don't officially have a favoured sensor but we have in the past seen success with:

  • Keller - Acculevel
  • Dwyer - SBLT2
  • Seametrics - EcoPRO / PS98i


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