Why has my Irrigation Schedule failed?


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Why do some bays in my latest schedule fail to irrigate?


A schedule may fail for a variety of reasons, including communication issues, battery failures and loose cabling. Read the reported error message and use the schedule audit tool to understand the reason for your failure.


A schedule may fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • Communications - the field unit (or gateway) dropped off the 3G or radio network
  • Battery - the field unit (or gateway) has shutdown due to low battery level
  • Cabling - the device is unreachable due to faulty cabling
  • Device - pump, actuator or valve report a failure (i.e actuator jammed or pump stopped on high pressure)
  • Congestion - the cloud platform can’t reach the relevant field unit in time
  • Timeout - the cloud platform couldn’t confirm that the bay moved to the desired state within the given timeframe

These failures will usually occur in one of the two critical stages of the schedule execution - opening or closing time.

Read the reported error message for the relevant bay to understand more about your failure


Use the schedule audit tool to understand more about the timing of for your failure


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