Release Notes — July 30, 2018

Observant Support

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Equipment health in Monitor

You can now view your equipment health directly in Monitor, via a “health indicator” at the top of the Monitor card. In addition to health, you can quickly see the field unit’s battery and signal strength by clicking on the health indicator, as well as any events that might be causing issues with your equipment. Clicking “View Device” will take you directly to the device in Manage Equipment. Note that these changes are available only for fully supported devices.


Irrigation Scheduling Improvements

Better handling for multiple bays open at the same time

We’ve received repeated customer feedback during the last irrigation season about multiple bays opening at the same time when auto skip is triggered due to communication failures (you can learn more about it here). We’ve made some improvements to reduce the likelihood of this problem occurring moving forward, and are keen to hear from our customers that still experience this problem.

Prevent unhealthy equipment from being scheduled

The scheduling app has been improved to prevent users from accidentally adding unhealthy equipment to their irrigation schedules. This in turn will improve the reliability and success rates of irrigation schedules and ensure customers are aware of any equipment problems before the equipment is utilised.


Support for the Nelson TWIG Control System

We’ve added support for the Nelson TWIG control system, which allows control of low powered DC latching solenoid valves for automated irrigation. You’ll be able to control up to 30 wireless valves with a single C3 connected to a Nelson TD200 controller, and leverage Observant’s state of the art scheduling app to control your Nelson system from the cloud. You can read more about it here.




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