Telstra 3G Network Technology Longevity Statement

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Below is a statement provided by Telstra.


3G Network Technology Longevity Statement

Telstra intends that the 3G network will remain in service until at least 2020. Closure activities

may commence from 2020 although initially this is more likely to be simple re-purposing of

part of the 3G spectrum (as 3G capacity becomes freed from migration to 4G) with no

material impacts on our 3G customer base. Full or partial geographic closure may occur any

time after 2020, but would be unlikely before 2022. In any case we will provide a reasonable

notice period of any shutdown activities that would impact end customers. Full closure is

most certainly expected well before 2030. So somewhere between 2020 and 2030 the 3G

network will be shut down but precisely when has not yet been decided.

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