How to change Gateway unit within a Zone


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Field unit connection route can now be updated through Manage Equipment, allowing dealers and customers to change the Gateway unit within a zone, or update a field unit’s radio route without the need to contact Observant support.

To change the connection route of a field unit, go to Manage Equipment from the welcome page.


In Manage Equipment, you will see all Portfolios, Sites, Field Units and Devices that you have access to.  

Change Gateway unit within a zone

Click on the field unit that you want to make the new gateway.


On the Field Unit page, click on the Communications arrow to bring up the configuration options:


Then click on "Edit connection route": 


To make this the new gateway, change its connection to Observant Global from "Via another field unit" to "Direct via cellular":


Click Update and you will be asked to confirm that you want to change the gateway. Review the changes that will take place. If you're happy with it, click on Proceed and then Update for the changes to take effect.




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