Release Notes — May 1, 2018

Observant Support

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Contextual help

The Help Widget in Observant Global now offers Contextual Help based on the page that you are in. For instance, if you are on Monitor and you have a Monitor related issue, simply click on the Help Widget, and it will display the top three articles about Monitor.


If the suggested articles don’t answer your query, you can type your query in the Search bar to look for an answer in Help Desk directly from the Widget.


If you are unable to find an answer on Help Desk, leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Faster Alerts

Alerts configured through Manage Equipment will notify the customer when something goes wrong within a few minutes, instead of the half an hour average measured before the latest release. The first rollout supports high pressure and high flow alerts, with additional alert types rolled out over the next few months.


Connection Route Editing

Field unit connection route can now be updated through Manage Equipment, allowing dealers and customers to change the Gateway unit within a zone, or update a field unit’s radio route without the need to contact Observant support.


Easier to get in touch

We’ve made it simpler for you to submit a Support Request by reducing the number of fields that you are required to fill in. By providing all the mandatory (and optional) information, you can help us resolve your issue faster.




Device Support

Sentek Drill and Drop Soil Probe

Sentek Drill and Drop Soil Probe is now supported on C3 and Solo platforms.  Probes up to 1200mm are supported. Support for the 1500mm version of this probe is in development.

Sentek EnviroScan Soil Probe

Sentek EnviroScan Soil Probe now has limited support on C3 and Solo platforms.  Probes up to 16 sensors in length can be supported, however non-conventional sensor arrangements (ie. gaps) are not currently supported.

Kensho K45 Diesel Engine Controller

Support for the Kensho controller was improved in the Scheduling App, allowing the software to detect more possible Kensho failures, and alert the user if the Kensho wasn’t switched to auto mode.

Linak Actuator Configuration

Observant has simplified the Linak Actuator configuration further, reducing the commissioning and maintenance required for large Surface Irrigation systems.



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