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Why should you turn to HydroTerra?

Hydroterra provides innovative integrated monitoring, irrigation control and reporting solutions that assist growers, horticulturalists and other agricultural ventures to optimize their water management, fertilizer and production practices and assist with the goal of improved and sustainable productivity.

Farm technology designed for your needs

We work with clients to achieve the desired solutions with the most appropriate technology. HydroTerra work with many companies, therefore they are able to select the most suitable solution for our clients short, medium and long-term needs.

The system design process includes:
• Site visitation, dialogue and documentation to identify clients requirements.
• Assessment and selection of the best and most cost-efficient solution.
• Design and quotation
• Project plans for installation.
• Maintenance and servicing proposal

Flexible communication options

Depending on your location, application and future requirements, HydroTerra can design a system that will cater for all your needs, now and into the future. There are many options for remote connection and communication to your monitoring and control system that we can use. Some of the common telemetric solutions we provide are:
• Mobile networks – 3G, 4G
• Lower power and license free radios
• LoraWAN
• Satellite
• Wifi
• A combination of the above

HydroTerra offer

Complete farm automation
- Design, development, commissioning, support
- From small scale to full industrial scale (using our channel partners)

Sensor / network agnostic data integration
- Using our DataStream Harmoniser gateway, collect data from any kind of field sensor on
common industrial protocols (Modbus, etc.) or directly
- Sensor networks can be LoRa, radio, radio, 3G or Wi-Fi, depending on the particular needs
of each customer
- Compress and securely transmit data to the internet

- Secure, auditable access and control to automation systems through the internet
- Live telemetry through the internet
- Reporting & Analytics
▪ Online data visualisations
▪ Standardised reporting (scheduled and ad hoc)
▪ Data mining and analytical insights into efficiency and productivity
▪ Predictive maintenance for critical plant/equipment

On-premise installations
- We can provide all functions except for predictive maintenance on-premise if required –
i.e., disconnected from the internet
- An on-premise solution can be synchronised with cloud solution with down to 30 second
latency if required

- Online solutions are accessible through Android and Apple phones/tablets

How HydroTerra can help you

• Discuss your needs
• System design for optimum results
• Provide advice and selection of right technology
• Data management and web interface to your system
• Provision of support and maintenance packages

Our service will provide

• Secure collection, storage and presentation of your data
• Service and solutions to improve operating efficiency and profitability
• Open and integrated technologies
• Ongoing support and ag technology integration

Our people

Yik Cheong – Senior Project Engineer
Yik is a controls engineer with 18 years’ experience specialising in automated process design and controls, system integration and factory automation. Yik has been working for HydroTerra for the past 3 years as a senior project engineer

In Yik’s current role he is involved in;
• Design, development, programming, fabrication, assembly of monitoring and 3G telemetry systems
• Programming of data management software for storing and handling data from data loggers and other field devices
• Field installation and commissioning of monitoring instrumentation and telemetry equipment
• Project management and management of site health and safety
• Suppliers interface as part of developing system solutions
• Design and implementation of real-time remote telemetry systems
• Troubleshooting & problem solving on a wide variety of mechanical & electromechanical systems
• PLC software design and development, installation, acceptance testing and maintenance of various control systems
• SCADA software design and development, documentation, acceptance testing and commissioning
• Electrical schematics design, wiring and troubleshooting
• Provide operational support by troubleshooting, diagnosing and solving problems with the installed control systems


Ryan Yun – Workshop Technician/Field Service
Ryan is an Electronics technician who has had several years’ experience working with environmental monitoring equipment. Since starting work with HydroTerra in March 2012, Ryan has had hands-on experience working on the installation of a number of environmental monitoring systems.

In Ryan’s current role he is involved in;
• Involved in the installation of several water quality monitoring stations, commissioning these stations to
receive logged data over a 9 month period.
• Involved in the installation of several Gasclams, commissioning these stations to receive logged data over a 9 months period.
• Involved in the installation of several Sentek Soil moisture probe, commissioning these stations to receive logged data over a 3 year period


Andrew Ringeri – Instrumentation and Data Scientist
Andrew has worked with the Engineering Seismology Group in Canada, assisting in the design, installation and operation of seismic monitoring systems used worldwide. He is a field sensor specialist who has worked in various locations in both North and South America. Andrew recently commenced with HydroTerra and is heading up our DataStream business.


Contact Hydroterra at (03) 8683 0091 or email info@hydroterra.com.au.


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