Farm Monitoring Solutions (FMS)

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Why you should select Farm Monitoring Solutions (FMS)

FMS specialises in the supply and ongoing support of Observant products and solutions. FMS was established in mid 2015 and now commands the largest dealer market share of Observant products and services whilst managing Observant systems in all states of Australia. FMS has the experience and resources to offer Observant customers a cost-efficient, quality and timely support service. We would like to extend an invitation to all Observant customers to nominate FMS as their Primary Service Provider (PSP).

Key sales and support resources are:

  • Phil Whitten, Founder and Managing Director. Many Observant customers will know Phil from his time as Observant's Business Development & Sales Manager, responsible for the growth of Observant's business in various agricultural sectors from 2010 to 2015. Phil can be contacted on 0488 093970, or
  • James Skipworth, Support Lead. As Observant's Customer Success Manager for 9 years, James will be a voice known to many Observant customers. James was responsible for Observant system support from the very first paid customers in 2006 through to 2016. James has an in-depth understanding of Observant from end to end: software, hardware, troubleshooting, system planning and installation. Those who have worked with James in the past will know that he has a strong "can do" attitude and places high value on excellent customer service. James can be contacted at
  • Alastair Tame, System Commissioning and Installations. From a sheep and wool farm background, Alastair gained a Bachelor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the Swinburne Institute of Technology. He has extensive knowledge in the power transmission and product design fields, as well as a strong background in customer service. Alastair can be contacted at

In addition, FMS offers field installation and troubleshooting services in all regions of Australia.

Key resources include:

  • Adrian Orloff. Previously Category Manager of Agronomy whilst at Observant, Adrian assisted in the development of soil moisture and weather sensor range of solutions including Global Crop Manager. Adrian has extensive field installation experience, particularly is the agronomic, irrigation control and automation space.
  • Neil Paterson. Previously Senior Solutions Engineer at Observant, Neil brings connectivity solution design, antenna selection & supply, communications troubleshooting and technical field installation expertise to FMS.

We would like to extend an invitation to all Observant customers to nominate FMS as their Primary Service Provider (PSP). If you need assistance in nominating FMS, please contact any one of one of us any time and we can guide you through the process. 

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