How to Accept an Invitation to Observant Global


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In order to gain access to a portfolio in Observant Global, you will first need an invitation to use the portfolio. This invitation will be sent to you by either your PSP (or dealer) who has created the portfolio on your behalf, or a user with Admin access to the portfolio. Contact your PSP if you have not received an invitation. 

Note: If anybody else uses Observant Global on the computer, phone, or tablet that you are using, ensure that they are signed outOtherwise you will be unable to accept the invitation as yourself. See this article for information on how to sign out. If you are signed in with your own account, then you don't have to sign out. 

To accept the invitation, check your Email Inbox. You will see an email from Observant (check your Spam or Junk folder if you can't find the invitation in your Inbox). For example, below is an email invitation to access the portfolio 'Testing'. Click on 'Access'. 


Clicking 'Access' will take you to a new page. Click on 'Accept Invitation'.


You will then be prompted to either create an Observant Global account or sign in through an existing account. 


If you already have an existing Observant Global account, simply sign in with your email address and password. 

Otherwise, create an account by filling in the details. 


Once your account is created click Begin.


You will then be redirected to the login page where you will need to sign in with your email address and password.




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