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A Primary Service Provider (PSP) will act as a customer's main point of contact for all the sales and service requirements of their Observant solutions. This means that: 

  • A Primary Service Provider is a customer's Support Contact
  • A Primary Service Provider is also a customer's Warranty Contact.


Support Contact

When you have questions regarding either your existing equipment or new systems, all such communication should be addressed to your Primary Service Provider. This holds true regardless of where (or from whom) the equipment in question was purchased.

Your PSP should have access to all your Observant Global portfolios. This will equip them with the tools necessary to provide comprehensive service, which include:

  • Observant Global Portfolio Management
  • Installation Support
  • Troubleshooting 


Observant Global Portfolio Management

A PSP is responsible for assisting you with the following:   


Site Installation Support

Your PSP will assist you with installation of Field Units and Devices if you need. They will also help you resolve issues arising from incorrect installation. 

The Installation and User Guides section of the Help desk is available to you as well as your PSP. You can also find the Technical Notes of supported devices on Help desk.  



Our Knowledge Base has many resources available to assist you if your data on the Observant Global Software Platform is not updating or your Observant Equipment is not working as expected. However, if you need support in troubleshooting your system, you should contact your Primary Service Provider to assist you in diagnosing and resolving the issue. 


Warranty Contact

All warranty queries and claims should be addressed to a Primary Service Provider (PSP), regardless of where the equipment was originally purchased from. Your PSP will raise a support ticket (with Observant on your behalf) and will be responsible for managing your warranty request. You can find more details in: Procedure — Filing Warranty Claims.



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