AWMA iRiser - Check Configuration Error

Rowan Chase

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If the Linak Actuator finds itself in an unexpected state, it will report a 'Check Configuration' Error.

You will find this displayed on the Monitor Card for the Linak Actuator.



Resolving the Error

To resolve the error, you'll need to check that the Linak is configured as an iRiser correctly.

  1. Log into Global and visit Manage Equipment. Select the required site and iRiser, and make a note of its reported Actual Position:

  2. Select Settings and set these values:
    1. Operating profile: iRiser
    2. Out Stop: 5mm more than the Actual Position noted in the last step. In this example, we would set it to 247 mm
    3. Tolerance: 10 mm
    4. Position meaning: In Is Open
  3. Check that the settings are correct, then click Update.

Finally, we will manually Run Out or 'Close' the Actuator to test that our changes have resolved the issue and to remove the error (allowing future schedules) The action is found in the cog menu of the Monitor Card. 






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