Using Beacons for Level Alerts

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To improve the speed and power efficiency of high and low level alerts for water level monitoring, the user can deploy alert beacons that will help to reduce the time between when the water alerts takes place and when the SMS or email notifications are delivered by Observant Global

To deploy a beacon to make the sensor more responsive, a beacon is deployed via the Monitor action menu for either low or high range. It is not supported to deploy beacons for both low and high range.

Once deployed, the beacons will be set up to observe the range of values between high to very high, or low to very-low. Once the level is read within this range, the beacon will help ensure that the

Important notes:

  • Beacons are only supported on directly 3G connected systems
  • Beacons may cause excessive battery usage for levels that move in and out of range regularly. Systems must be setup to include early warning of low battery levels
  • Beacons will not perform properly if battery levels are not maintained as safe levels
  • Beacon response time will be determined by battery levels, cellular connectivity and the specific version of software and channels deployed to each field unit. Please confirm with Observant Support that firmware and channel versions for each deployment are above the minimum required versions.
  • All beacons need to be tested at each location as part of system commissioning.
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