Release Notes — October 6, 2016

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Tank Volume History

The recently added feature for estimated volume of liquid in a tank, based in the level as read by the ultrasonic level sensor, now also includes historical graphing of the estimated volume


Support for setting the key configuration parameters for the tank volume calculation are also now supported in the OpsCenter — Manage Equipment screens

HTTPS Support

All requests to Observant Global will now be transmitted using the HTTPS secure connection layer. Connections over HTTPS are secure and encrypted between client and server, making for better security and robustness to different types of security vulnerability exploits.

Frost Alerts for Decagon VP-4

Frost alerts support, previously only available on the Davis Vantage Pro weather station are now also enabled for the Decagon RHT probe.

Bug Fixes

  • Editing Timers via Manage Vizs - fixes to improve the reliability of changing timer settings
  • Data Export from Monitor - fix to CSV data export feature
  • Senix Level - setMaxDistance action in Monitor screen - failed for certain older versions of systems - has been fixed



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