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The Observant C3 and Observant Solo have the single SDI-12 port. If you wish to connect more than one SDI-12 based sensor to a C3 or Solo, there are some important considerations.

SDI-12 is a serial communications protocol supported by a wide range of sensors. SDI-12 is an 'addressed' protocol, meaning that each sensor has its own address number, and if more than one sensor is connected to the same SDI-12 port.

There are 2 important steps to consider:

  1. Wiring multiple sensors to a single SDI-12 port
  2. Ensuring both sensors have different SDI-12 addresses

Wiring Multiple Sensors to a Single SDI-12 Port

  • C3 - wire both sensors directly to the SDI-12/RS-232 port
  • Solo - use the Solo sensor accessory pack (#10125) and cable junction accessory pack (#10124)

Changing the SDI-12 Address

The SDI-12 standard considers the ability to change the SDI-12 address of a sensor. Please refer to manufacturer specifications to check if the SDI-12 device you are considering supports changing the address.

You need to change the address of at least one sensor and confirm that the address change has been successful This needs to be done before you connect the sensor to the Observant C3 or Solo

Using Manage Equipment, add the sensor to the field unit as per normal, but be sure to specify the correct address for each sensor taking note of the new address you set for the sensor (do not use the default address suggested by Manage Equipment

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