Release Notes — July 22, 2016

Larry Pitts

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  • Clicking the ‘Remember me’ checkbox on sign in will now indefinitely remember the user until he or she manually logs out.

Crop Manager

  • The settings menu has been moved to the right hand side and the menu icon has been redesigned to make its use more clear.
  • The notes options has been moved into the settings menu, and a tick indicates the current selection.


  • Users can now configure the units used for atmospheric pressure, flow-rate, and wind speed, as part of chart settings.
    • example — formatting pressure units

    • example — formatting flow-rate units

  • It is now possible to estimate the volume of water in a water storage container based on water level data provided by a water level sensor. To configure the volume calculation, click the cog on the top right hand corner of the Monitor card. In the configuration dialog, select the tank type and enter the tank dimensions.


Improvements to Manage Equipment
(for Channel Partners)

  • The Linak actuator is now supported in Manage Equipment.
  • Channel partners can now rename devices by clicking on the edit icon 

    then entering the new name in the resulting window.

  • The Davis weather station view in Manage Equipment has been updated with addition of rainfall for last 7 days and last 30 days.

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