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Observant Support Services

At Observant, ensuring that you receive timely and accurate service is our primary concern. We strive to provide top tier support direct to our customers. Our support team allows you to reach out to us through a variety of channels at your preference. Reach out to us via any of the following channels:

Call 1300 224 688

  • Dial 1 For Support
  • Dial 2 For Sales

Text +61 451 562 280
Send us a text with your details and problem, and we’ll start working on your query. Remember the more detail the better.

Or create a ticket by clicking here as much detail as possible so we can fix the issue before we get in touch with you.

Log in to Observant Global and see the LiveChat option on the bottom left of your screen. Again, leave as much detail as possible so we can fix the issue before we get in touch with you.

Support Contact

Through years of operation in the Australian market, we have also established a nation-wide network of knowledgeable, well-trained channel partners who sell supported Observant solutions and provide ongoing support for those solutions. We understand the importance of the customer’s freedom to choose — both the partners with whom they do business and the selection of support services that are on offer. All Observant customers may, if they wish, switch channel partners at any time to act as their Support Contact.


The Consequences of a Change

While you are free to change your Support Contact as you see fit, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • When you have queries regarding either your existing equipment or new systems, all such communication should be addressed to your Support Contact. This holds true regardless of where (or from whom) the equipment in question was purchased.
  • Your Support Contact is also your Warranty Contact. All warranty queries and claims should be addressed to your Support Contact, regardless of where you originally purchased the equipment. This should ensure that you receive consistent support from a single organization. Keep this in mind when considering changing a support contact, since their main location is the warranty service point for all of your equipment.
  • The Support Contact has access to your account, and when you assign a new Support Contact, the new Support Contact acquires access to all of your systems, enabling them to provide comprehensive service. You can remove the previous Support Contact's access from Manage Users
  • Any and all such changes can only be made with your explicit permission.

How to Change Your Support Contact

You can now change your Support Contact from Global in a few simple steps, if you have administrative access to your portfolio. The article How to Nominate Your Support Contact has a step-by-step guide.

If your portfolio doesn't have any administrative users, let us know via any of the channels described in the previous section. Include your name and portfolio for fast resolution.

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