Technical Note — Solo Sensor and Input Accessory Pack

Larry Pitts

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The Solo accessory packs enable the connection of bare-ended devices to the Solo’s sensor port or input port. The Tech Notes, OBS-USR-TN010-R1-A4 and OBS-USR-TN010-R1-LTR, are available for printing and downloading.

The two Solo accessory packs are designed to provide reliable, weatherproof connections of devices with bare-ended cables to the Solo. Both packs come with the option of using a 3-way termination block for large gauge wires, or gel-filled wire joiners for smaller gauge wires.

The Solo Sensor Accessory Pack is used to connect a device to the Solo’s Sensor port. Such devices are typically serial-communication or 4–20 mA sensors that are powered by the Solo.

The Solo Input Accessory Pack is used to connect a device, such as a pulse-output flow meter or a rain gauge, to the Solo’s Input port.

The accessory packs come with an in-line junction box, 4 crimp connectors and a 15 ft (5 m) cable to suit either the sensor port or input port connector. If necessary, the provided cable(s) may be shortened to a more appropriate length. Take care not to damage any wire insulation when removing the cable jacket.

Locate a suitable position for the in-line junction box taking into account the length of the sensor tail and length of the Solo cable. It’s preferable that the in-line junction box is buried or otherwise be protected from the elements. Assemble the in-line junction box in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions
(included with the pack). Take particular note of the following:

  • To ensure a reliable weatherproof seal, use the smallest diameter yellow grommets at both ends.
  • For smaller gauge wires, discard the 3-way termination block and connect the appropriate wire pairs using the supplied gel-filled wire joiners.
  • After assembly of the junction box, ensure that the housing and all connections are tight.
  • Protect all cabling that would otherwise be exposed to weather.
  • Use rigid, UV-resistant plastic or steel conduit for any above-ground cabling.
  • Perform a functional test of the cable connection to confirm continuity prior to burial.




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