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Help Desk is where you should start when looking for answers, but it's just one way that Observant supports its dealers and customers. Don't forget to check the articles in our Getting Support category as well.

What is Help Desk For?

Help Desk's function is to provide a comprehensive library of articles that inform and guide the users of Observant's equipment and services. We sometimes refer to it as our Knowledge Base.

We want you to be able to quickly find answers to most of your questions and concerns as they arise, without having to wait for anyone's response to an email or a phone call. Our ultimate intention is to support your success by providing you with easily accessed, timely, accurate, and appropriate information — here, in the Help Desk. 


Why should I use it?

Often it will often save you time, as you become proficient in deploying and using our telemetry field units and their associated equipment. Although there is always a learning curve when adopting new tools and procedures, using the Help Desk's library of articles is a quick way to accelerate that process.

There is a longer term benefit as well. Every question asked and answered helps us understand how to craft a more efficient, more user-friendly solution to the issues you are dealing with. We continually strive to offer the most intuitive user interface coupled with the most robust and effective field equipment available. Your usage of the Help Desk helps to tell us where to focus efforts for the continual improvement of both.


How do I get there?

Well, of course, if you are reading this you have already arrived; however, to get to Help Desk from within Observant Global, simply click on "Support" in the upper-right corner of the web page. 

That will bring you to the Help Desk's front page, with all its categories listed as seen below.


How is it organized?

All Help Desk material is organized into large Categories with different Sections which, in turn, contain individual Articles

The first page of Help Desk lists all Categories and looks like this: 


How Do I Find What I'm Looking For?

In the beginning, you might want to examine The Content and Structure of Observant's Help Desk (it has links to everything in Help Desk arranged in outline form).  Help Desk Resources Listed by Observant Solution is another alternative for browsing what is available here.   

Using the Search Box

Probably the easiest way to locate a topic of interest, however, is to simply type it into the search box at the very top of Help Desk's web page and hit "Enter." Links to articles in Help Desk that relate to that topic will then be listed. (Note: the magnifying glass in the search box is just a search icon, not a button.)

For example, if you enter "V1 Camera," as shown above, the first three results listed will probably provide all the information you need. Here's a partial list of what you would see.

Choosing a Result

Let's examine the first article. Clicking on its title (above, circled in red) brings up the following web page.



First, note how the Help Desk is organized into three tiers.

In particular, this Article is in the Technical Notes Section of the Literature Category. 

While it certainly is possible to print this article directly from the web, notice the part code (circled in red).

It is linked to a printer-friendly PDF file, which has been designed to be printed.

Part codes ending with "-LTR" are designed to print on paper in the US letter format (8.5" x 11"), while codes ending in -A4 designate documents formatted for A4 paper.

Linking to the Printed Materials

If you click on the part code (in this case, OBS-USR-TN003-R1-LTR), here's the result.

As you can see it packs a lot of information onto a single page, which is easily printed and downloaded. 

Returning to the Main Page

Anywhere in the Help Desk, it is possible to return to the initial list of Help Desk Categories by simply clicking on the Observant™ logo, or "Help Desk" in those three-tier 'bread crumbs' that are at the upper-left of the web page as shown below. 

Note that clicking on "Literature" takes you to that category's web page (with a list of all of its sections), while choosing "Technical Notes" takes you to that section (with a list of all of its articles).


Can Everyone See Everything?

Almost. There is a single Category (the Channel Partners Area), which is not available to everyone. Almost all of our informational material, however, can be read, printed, or downloaded by anyone who wishes to access it.


What if I Can't Find What I Need Here?

If you need more information than is available on our Help Desk, you are encouraged to ask for it by clicking on "Submit a request" in the upper-right corner of any Help Desk web page. 

Next, click on the right-hand end of the resulting "Submit a request" text box.

Then, from its drop-down the menu, choose "Customer and Dealer Support Request."

Finally, simply fill the appropriate information into the resulting form and click "Submit."

 You will receive an email response within 24 hours.

We hope you find this Knowledge Base informative and useful. A living library, Help Desk is constantly growing as Observant continues to find new ways to support your success


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