What is the difference between the Pump Management Solution and the Diesel Engine Management Solution?

Larry Pitts

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Although they are in some ways similar, these two solutions have different levels of complexity.

Pump Management Solution

Pump management provides basic monitoring and control of electric or diesel pumps. The following functions can be monitored.

  • Pump run state, indicates whether the pump is on or off.
  • Start/Stop Relay allows the pump to be started or stopped according to a pre-programmed schedule.
  • Optionally, flow or pressure switches may be installed in the system to provide alerts whenever certain conditions are met.

Diesel Engine Management Solution

The Diesel Engine Management Solution provides a more comprehensive monitoring and control feature set for diesel engines. In addition to being able to start and stop the engine and tell when it is running, other capabilities become available as well.

  • When properly integrated with the Observant Global software platform, diesel engine performance — including engine speed, oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel levels, run time, etc. — may also be recorded and monitored.
  • This solution, however, requires an ‘Observant ready’ engine controller. The controller must be integrated with the engine by a qualified technician.

In Australia, Kensho, Pty. Ltd. provides an ‘Observant ready’ engine controller. For further information please visit http://kenshoworld.com.

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