Technical Note — Solo with Soil Moisture and Pressure Sensor Harness — Installation

Larry Pitts

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The EnviroPro Soil Moisture Probe and a 0 to 100 PSI line pressure sensor can be connected to a single Solo unit using this cable. The Tech Notes, OBS-USR-TN009-R2-LTR and OBS-USR-TN009-R2-A4, Solo Soil Moisture and Pressure Sensor Harness, are available for printing and downloading.

This cable harness allows a Solo field unit to be easily connected to both an EnviroPro soil moisture sensor and a 4–20 mA, analog line-pressure sensor. With this combination, irrigation events can easily be correlated to soil moisture profiles via Observant Global. See additional information in the EnviroPro Soil Moisture Probe for Solo tech note. This cable harness is compatible with Observant-supplied EnviroPro probes and OsiSense pressure sensors.

Product Code Descriptions

The completed assembly will consist of three items (with the following part numbers):

  • 1 ea. of
    • 10194 — A Solo's SDI-12 and 4-20 mA cable harness and junction hardware.
  • 1 ea. of either:
    • 01282 — 400mm EnvrioPro probe,
    • 01238 — 800mm EnviroPro probe,
    • 01285 — 1200mm EnviroPro probe or
    • 01286 — 1600mm EnviroPro probe.
  • 1 ea. of either:
    • 01473 — OsiSense Pressure sensor with 2m cable or
    • 01474 — OsiSense Pressure Sensor with 5m cable.



The cable harness includes two connectors designed to mate with the appropriate ports on the Solo to support both sensors. At the other end, the harness splits into two bare-ended cables — one connecting to the OsiSense, the other connecting to the EnviroPro. Connections to both sensors can be made using the weatherproof inline junction boxes with either the gel-filled wire splice connectors or a 3-way terminal block. The overall length of the harness is 30 ft (10 m). If a shorter cable run is appropriate for your installation, the sensor cables can be shortened as required. Ensure all junction hardware is tightened sufficiently to prevent water ingress. Protect all cabling that would otherwise be exposed to weather by burial or within the appropriate conduit. 

Please note that the default software configuration of the EnviroPro in Observant Global must be changed to select high-power output 1 for the supply output in order for the combination to operate correctly.

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