Sharing data with third parties via the API


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Two Stage Setup of Data Sharing

Sharing your data from Observant Global is a two-step process:

  1. Enable sharing for a given sensor
  2. Authorize access to that shared data for a specific OpenLink partner software package

Enabling of sharing for your sensors is done from Observant Global, either directly or via a helpdesk request.

Authorizing access to that enabled sensor can only be initiated from within the third-party OpenLink partner software. Once you have enabled sharing, please consult the third-party vendors documentation for instructions on the sharing authorization setup. This cannot be initiated from Observant Global, or set up by Observant support staff.

Enabling Data Sharing for Individual Sensors

To share data with a 3rd party, log into Observant Global

Enabling Data Sharing for Soil Probes

Click on the Crop Manager Application icon.


From the Crop Manager home screen, you can select to share your probe data with 3rd parties. 

Select the probes that you would like to share by clicking on the small arrow, , that is in line with, and to the right of, the probe name:

Once a probe has been shared for access (via the API), the small arrow will appear Orange, 

Enabling Data Sharing for Weather Stations, Flow Meters etc

At present, sharing of data from other sensors needs to be enabled by the Customer Success team. Please raise a helpdesk ticket to request that sharing be enabled for the sensor.

Third-Party Data Access and Use

The data, in accordance with the Observant EULA, belongs to the customer to share at their discretion.

Once data sharing is enabled by the User, registered third party clients can request access to sensor readings like soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity. By default, the API returns data for the last seven days (at one-hour intervals).

Any data shared with a third party will be subject to the third party's terms and conditions.

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