Observant Tank Monitoring Kits — Top Questions

Larry Pitts

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With the release of the Observant Tank Monitoring Kit, we've assembled a list of common questions asked by prospective customers.

What's in the Observant Tank Monitoring Kit?

The box contains all the components and instructions you need to assemble and install the Observant Tank Monitoring Kit. You only need some basic tools (a power drill and a ladder) to mount the kit on the tank. No specialist knowledge or tools are required.

What will my tank level look like when viewed in Observant Global?

Observant Global will display your tank level either as a percentage or a depth, and will include historical data to show what's been happening to the water level recently:

How often will my tank level be updated?

A typical installation will update the water level reading and the graph every hour

Where can I install a Tank Monitoring Kit?

The Observant Tank Monitoring Kit needs to be able to contact Observant Global using a local mobile data network. 

Region Carrier
Australia Testra

As a general rule, if a mobile device (phone or tablet) can access the cellular data network and view web pages at your tank location, an Observant Tank Kit will also be able to access the network:

Can I get SMS or email alerts to warn me if the water level is too high or low?

Yes, Observant Global includes support for SMS or email alerts and you can choose those levels that you need to know about:


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