Release Notes — March 21, 2016

Larry Pitts

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This release is focused on additions to Crop Manager, and improvements to charts and photos in Monitor.

Crop Manager

Help Desk Articles

A number of Crop Manager Help Desk articles have been added or improved. You will find a comprehensive overview in the article, Crop Manager — a Detailed Guide. The complementary articles Using Crop Manager and Overview of the Crop Manager and Analyze Applications, which feature some key definitions, are also available on the Help Desk. You may also wish to visit our instructional Software Videos section.

New Weighted Sum Root Zone Function

We have added ‘Weighted Sum’ as an alternative to the existing ‘Weighted Average’ root zone function. This new root zone function can be used to provide an indication of the total moisture content in the plant’s root zone. Average or Sum may be selected from the Root Zone Settings dialog.

New Root Zone Scaling Factor

A ‘Scaling Factor’ may now be specified in the Root Zone Settings dialog. When you have a known soil moisture value measured from another sensor, or you want to adjust the values of the root zone to read a known value, you can specify a scaling factor to be applied to each of the soil moisture sensors in the root zone.



Enhanced Date Range Selection

Monitor now provides greater flexibility when viewing your data in charts with the new calendar menu.

A custom date range may be set for when you wish to view data from a specific period.

You can use the Custom Date Range dialog to choose to view a specific period. Options for grouping by different time periods will be presented if available.

Enhanced Totalization

For rainfall, accumulated flow, energy and other totalizable data types, Monitor displays the total for the date and time range shown in the chart and automatically recalculates if you change the range either with the drop down menu, or by dragging to make a new selection.

In the example below, the total rainfall is calculated across the visible data interval, which in this case is the last three months.

Enhanced Access to Photos

Monitor now makes it easier to view photos from a specific date by clicking on the calendar button.

A new ‘Jump to Latest’ button has been added which allows you to show the most recent photo.

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