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As items posted on the Help Desk are added (or changed significantly), they will be documented here (most recent posting on top). Additions to Help Desk Knowledge Base appear as bullet points; single article revisions do not.

The following format will make it quick and easy to identify when new or revised material has been posted to Help Desk and where it is located.

Date code [yyyymmdd] > Category > Section > Using Crop Manager

Discussion, if necessary, of new article. 

Or, for significant revisions of existing material:

Date code [yyyymmdd] > Category > Section > Revised Article
Discussion, if necessary, of the revised article.


20160805 > Observant Global Software Platform > Monitor 

20160728 > Observant Global Software Platform > General > Overview of the Crop Manager Application
Revised text (and renamed) to clearly distinguish between Crop Manager and Analyze applications

20160727 > Observant Global Software Platform > General 
Revised for July 22, 2016 software release changes.

 20160727 > Observant Global Software Platform > Crop Manager Application

20160722 > Observant Global Software Platform > Software Release Notes

20160720 > Getting Support > Procedures

20160630 > Channel Partner's Area > Troubleshooting Guide > Troubleshooting With Observant Global
Revised with links to major internal sections

20160630 > Observant Global Software Platform > General >
Revised with links to major internal sections:

20160629 > Observant Global Software Platform > Crop Manager Application
Revised the following articles to provide links to their major internal sections:

20160628 > Literature > Product Support Pages > Product Support Page — Decagon VP-4 Sensor
Added links to Tech Notes and copious links to Manufacturer Information.

20160628 > Literature > Technical Notes

20160628 > Observant Global Software Platform > Crop Manager Application> Using Crop Manager
Improved, up-to-date illustrations, more links

20160628 > Observant Global Software Platform > Crop Manager Application> Crop Manager — A Detailed Guide
Revised to current status of Crop Manager including improved graphics showing details of the current Pan and Zoom feature, drop-down menu for quick access to other sites within a portfolio and the use of the Davis Pro2™ weather station for ET calculation.

20160527 > Literature > Technical Notes

20160526 > Channel Partners' Area > Solution Datasheets > Solution Datasheet — Pump Management 
Article revised to exclude mention of MPC-20 and Diesel engine control pending revision of Pump Management Datasheet.

20160525 Help Desk >  Literature >  Installation and User Guides >

20160525 > Help Desk Observant Global Software Platform > Software Release Notes >

 20160525 > Literature > Installation and User Guides >

20160524 > Literature > Installation and User Guides > 

20160523 > Instructional Videos and Customer Testimonials > Hardware Videos

20160523 > Frequently Asked Questions > Hardware Questions

20160425 > Channel Partners' Area > Training

20160422 > Literature > Product Support Pages

20160421 > Literature > Solution Brochures
An all of our Solution Brochures now have the new "Observant|Water Optimized" graphic. Links are provided to both Letter- and A4-sized artwork for printing.

20160416 > Channel Partners' Area > Solution Datasheets
Solution Datasheets have been moved from the Literature section to the Channel Partners' Area (still only visible to signed-in users). 'Datasheets' now a single (not compound) word and so-designated in in-house style guide. 

20160406 > Literature > Product Support Pages > Stevens Hydra Probe II

Found and added these two items to the Product Support Page for the Hydra Probe II.

20160405 > Observant Global Software Platform > Monitor Application > Viewing Water or Energy Cumulative Use Since a User-Defined Date
Revised to be consistent with latest software revisions and organized with section titles.

20160405 > Literature > Technical Notes > Technical Note — Pulse Flow Meters and Pulse Energy Meters
Revised with more illustrations (in line with latest software revisions) and minor text alterations for clarity and punctuation.

20160401 > Frequently Asked Questions > Software Questions > Observant Tank Monitoring Kits — Top Questions 
4 out of 5 topics here are questions on software features. Has been in Channel Partners Area for a while.

20160401 > Observant Global Software Platform > Observant's Approach to the Display of Soil Moisture Data
Revised article with better and more illustrations and features cross linked appropriately to greater in-depth coverage of various topics in other Help Desk articles.

20160330 > Observant Global Software Platform > Crop Manager Application > 

A shorter companion piece to Monitoring Soil Moisture for Optimal Crop Growth (with appropriate links to it for more in-depth discussion).

20160330 > Channel Partners' Area > Available Marketing Literature > 

A handy place for Channel Partners to see which Help Desk articles have restricted viewership. It lists all articles on the Help Desk not listed in The Content and Structure of Observant's Help Desk (making obsoleteprior Google doc).

20160330 > Literature > Solution Datasheets >

The Help Desk complement to the Observant Solution Datasheet, OBS-MKT-BR038-RI-LTR.

20160329 > Channel Partners' Area > New and Notable > 

A listing of relevant videos, slides and articles categorized by Observant Solution

20160328 > Literature > Product Support Pages > 

A page for Decagon's microclimate (pressure, humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure) sensor with Wiring Diagram and links to Integrator's Guide & Ops Manual [pulled and placed in Draft status until approved as a supported device or OK'd for release by Khusro].

20160324 > Observant Global Software Platform > General > 

An extensively illustrated expansion of this article incorporating changes described in Release notes — March 21, 2016.

20160323 > Observant Global Software Platform > Analyze Application

A newly illustrated article showing different ways to compare data from multiple sensors in a probe or different pieces of equipment.

20160321 > Getting Started >

A detailed, illustrated description of what it's for, why to use it, how to use it and what to do when you can't find your answers there.

20160318 > Observant Global Software Platform > Software Release Notes >

Changes include: a new Root Zone Summary — Weighted Sum and Scaling, enhanced Date Range selection in Monitor app, as well as, enhanced totalization and photo access.

20160318 > Observant Global Software Platform > Crop Manager Application

20160314 > Channel Partners' Area > New and Notable >

Added new section and new article, which you are currently reading.

20160313 > Observant Global Software Platform > General > 

Added Jack Butler's highly detailed discussion of the topic with "Observant Difference" points emphasized.

20160311 > Channel Partners Area > Available Marketing Literature > 

Added new section and new article to support 2016 Training. The article is a list describing various marketing related sections of the Help Desk Literature category (based on the Marketing Materials Communications Register).

20160308 > Observant Global Software Platform > Crop Manager Application > 

Added well-illustrated article based on Adrian Orloff's slide deck, Overview of Observant Global's Crop Manager Application.

20160306 > Channel Partners' Area > Slide Decks > 

Added new section and Adrian Orloff's 27-slide deck illustrating and discussing Crop Manager

20160304 > Literature > Product Support Pages > 10 articles
Added new section and articles. These will become landing pages for OpsCenter. Product-specific article format will be: brief description, illustration, links to relevant items (including manufacturer material).

20160222 > Literature > Solution Datasheets > 5 articles
Changed section name. Observant 'Technical Solution Guides' are now referred to as 'Solution Datasheets' (to align with industry terminology).

20160222 > Literature > Solution Brochures > 7 articles
Changed section name. 'Observant Solution Guides' are now referred to as 'Solution Brochures' (to align with industry terminology).


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