GPS - What is it? How do I activate/deactivate it?

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What is a GPS?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system that allows you to locate any device around the world, with a built in GPS.



How do I activate it?

Each Observant unit comes with an in-built GPS tracker, that automatically updates its coordinates which can be accessed in the Observant Global user platform. These coordinates can be viewed online under the  'Locate' and 'Crop Manager' tools. 

If you are having issues with the coordinates displaying correctly, manually adjust your units coordinates using the 'Manage Devices' tool in the Observant Global user platform. This will allow you to put in the correct coordinates for that unit. 



Can I deactivate the GPS function?

You can deactivate the GPS function by removing the GPS Antenna. However, we would advise against doing this as it is highly valuable to be able to remotely locate each unit on your property. 


Benefits of GPS 

Overall, wherever possible we need to ensure the GPS antenna is connected; knowing where a field unit is has advantages beyond just our user interface.


  • real-time location coordinates of each unit
  • facilitates navigation to remote sites when moving units
  • aids in visualizing obstacles to communication when deploying nodes
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