Installation Guide — C3 Tank Level Monitoring Kit

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The single page installation guide, OBS-USR-M007-R3, C3 Tank Monitoring Kit Installation Guide is available for printing and downloading.

The Frequently Asked Questions Section also has How to Sign Up for the Observant Global Software Platform with a C3 Tank Level Monitoring Kit.

If you already have an Observant Global account, remember to add your new Observant kit to your portfolio as described in Adding New Equipment

Parts Lists

Before assembling your Observant™ Tank Level Monitoring Kit, make sure that you have all the parts listed above (for each box). 

Tools Required (Not Supplied)

You will also need to bring the items listed above when installing the Kit. Don't leave home without them!

Information Required for Registration

Note the location of the C3 serial number:

When it is convenient, be sure to record the three items above. They wil be necessary to register and configure your Tank Level Monitoring Kit.


Watch the Installation Video or read on below.

Strap Mounting Plate to Pole 

Unscrew band from each hose clamp. Position C3 mounting plate so its top aligns
with mark on post’s label. Thread each band through a plate slot, around the post,
back through its mating slot, into the clamp, and tighten. Note: hose clamp screws
will be concealed once the enclosure is installed.

Attach Pole to Bracket

Assemble mounting post to tank bracket with supplied 5/16” bolt, washer, lock washer, and nut set. Only hand tighten the hardware. The final adjustment of the pole's angle will be made once the assembly is mounted to the tank roof.

Mount Solar Enclosure on Pole

Attach the C3 enclosure to the mount using the two tabs at the top as a guide. Secure with the supplied thumb screw through from the inside of the enclosure.

Mount Antenna on Enclosure

Assemble the antenna to the C3 enclosure. Route the cable behind the DIN rail. For a proper seal, make certain that the o-ring is on the outside of the enclosure. Ensure that the whip section and mounting nut are securely fastened.

Position and Secure Solar Panel

Extend solar panel outward to desired angle. Secure this position with the large internal thumb bolt.

Attach Sensor Assembly

Attach the sensor assembly supplied with your kit. Note there are two different types, a larger unit for the Tall Tank Kit and a smaller one for the Standard Tank Kit; either are attached to the C3 enclosure via the conduit port in the bottom of the Enclosure using the mating nut.

Connect Antennas to C3 Module

Remove the C3 module from the packaging and connect the two antenna cables. Note that one is for GPS location, and the other is for radio communications. It is important that these not be reversed.

Mount C3 onto DIN Rail Inside Enclosure

Mount the C3 module onto the rail inside the enclosure. Catch the top rail and rotate the unit down until it snaps into place. (You may need to pull down the release tab at the back of the C3 module in order for it to seat properly. It is slotted to allow a flat-bladed screwdriver to assist in the process.)

Plug in the Solar Panel and Sensor Cables


Remove the unconnected RS485 and Power plugs from the C3. Connect the two front panel cables. The cable coming from the solar panel goes to the power port. The cable from the sensor assembly is connected to RS485 No. 1 port.

Choose the Location and Drill the Hole in the Tank Roof

Drill or cut the sensor hole in the top of the tank at the desired mounting position, noting that the hole needs to be a minimum distance of 15% of the "tank height" (see above) away from the edge. Also, due to the minimum distances that the sensors can accommodate, with the C3 Tank Kit, the bottom of its sensor should be no less than 4" (10.2cm) from the highest level to be measured. For the C3 Tall Tank Kit, the sensor bottom should be at least 12" above the maximum possible tank level.

The C3 Tank Kit requires a hole of 2” (50mm) in diameter, the Tall Tank Kit requires a larger hole of 3” (75mm) in diameter.

Mount the Assembly to Tank Roof

Place the sensor in its hole. Position the C3 and enclosure assembly on the roof so that the pole swivels in a plane which passes through the center of the tank roof. Using the supplied self-drilling screws, attach the assembly to the tank. When installed for maximum charging power, the solar panel will face true south (in the northern hemisphere or true north in the southern hemisphere). In consequence, the panel will directly face the sun at local noon. 

Attach the Bird Deterrent


Attach the Bird Deterrent strip to the top of the solar panel by sliding it into the tabs. It should click securely into place.

Turn on the C3 and Verify That it Is Operational


Smile, You're Installation is Complete

Shut the enclosure door and secure the latch.

This completes the assembly and installation of the C3 Tank Level Monitoring Kit.





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