Installation Guide — Solo Camera Kit


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The guides, OBS-USR-M008-R2 — Solo Camera Kit Installation Guide, and OBS-USR-M005-R2 — Solo User Guide, are available for printing and downloading. If this is your first Observant product and you do not already have an account please remember to Sign Up for the Observant Global Software Platform. If you already have an Observant Global account, remember to add your new Observant kit to your portfolio as described in Adding New Equipment

Observant V1 Camera

The V1 is a low-power, ruggedised, color, still-image camera. It communicates to (and is powered by) the C3 field unit via a 4-way electrical connection.


Verify Kit Contents

You kit should contain the following items:

Note the additional items required for the installation.


Assemble the Kit

Follow these 9 steps in numerical order to assemble the Solo Camera Kit:





Installation notes

    • Be aware of the of the V1 camera's field of view when selecting a mounting location.


    • Always verify that the V1 body has been mounted with its vent hole oriented downward; otherwise, your image will appear upside down.
    • Ensure that the vertical adjustment bolt is fully tightened only after you are satisfied with the position of the camera.

Finished Assembly


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