Installation Guide — Solo Camera Kit


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The guides, OBS-USR-M008-R2 — Solo Camera Kit Installation Guide, and OBS-USR-M005-R2 — Solo User Guide, are available for printing and downloading.

Observant V1 Camera

The V1 is a low-power, ruggedised, color, still-image camera. It communicates to (and is powered by) the C3 field unit via a 4-way electrical connection.


Verify Kit Contents

You kit should contain the following items:

Note the additional items required for the installation.


Assemble the Kit

Follow these 9 steps in numerical order to assemble the Solo Camera Kit:





Installation notes

    • Be aware of the of the V1 camera's field of view when selecting a mounting location.


    • Always verify that the V1 body has been mounted with its vent hole oriented downward; otherwise, your image will appear upside down.
    • Ensure that the vertical adjustment bolt is fully tightened only after you are satisfied with the position of the camera.

Finished Assembly


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