How to Sign Up for the Observant Global Software Platform with a C3 Tank Level Monitoring Kit

Larry Pitts

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Go to:, and select the C3 Tank Kit.


Enter the C3’s serial number (located on the bottom of the C3 Module), and give the installation site a name. That name will be used to identify the Tank Monitoring Kit site.



If you have more than one kit to activate, click ‘Add’ and repeat, otherwise click on NEXT to proceed.


Provide the following:

●      First Name and Last Name.

●      Company or Property Name.

●      Email address (twice).

●      Cell phone number (allows SMS text messages to be sent).

●      Password.



Click on CONFIRM to proceed.


An acknowledgment will then be emailed to the user with login details.


Once the C3 Tank Monitoring Kit has been installed, sign in to Observant Global ( with your username or email and password.


Next, carefully read the End User License Agreement (EULA).


If you wish to do so, choose “Accept” to proceed.


During the installation process the following data should have been recorded:


After logging in, the configuration View will appear automatically.


You will have the ability to configure your Kit at this time if you choose to do so.







If you haven’t already made the appropriate measurements, you can defer the configuration process until after the installation.



Simply click on “cancel,” and you will be taken to the Monitor page.



After installation, you may configure your tank by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner.


Begin the configuration process by entering the distance from the ceramic diaphragm at the bottom of the sensor to the bottom of the tank.



 The button next to the units will allow you to choose to enter dimensions in either inches or meters.


Click on “next” to continue.


 In a similar fashion, enter the “head clearance,” which is the distance from the bottom of the sensor to the level at which the tank begins to overflow.


 Choose “next” to continue.


Choose the water level display preference as either as the depth of the water (as shown here) or a percentage of tank capacity (as shown below).


Choose “next” to continue.


Set the preferred threshold levels (as a percentage of tank capacity) to establish the critical levels appropriate to your situation.


Check each box for which notifications should be sent. For example, if you check “Very high” and “Low,” you will receive an SMS (and/or e-mail) when the tank level either rises above the “Very high” mark or drops below the “Low” level.


Click “done” to save your chosen settings.


Check to verify the tank level is displayed in the Observant Global system.


This completes the Tank Monitoring Kit’s sign up and configuration procedure.


The installation guide,  OBS-USR-M007-R3, C3 Tank Monitoring Kit Installation Guide, is available for printing and downloading. The Help Desk article based on it is here.

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