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The Tech Note, OBS-USR-TN001 R2, C3 Latching Solenoid Router Card, is available for printing and downloading. For somewhat larger illustrations of that Tech Note, see Technical Note — C3 Latching Solenoid Router Card — Installation


The Latching Solenoid Router (LSR) Card is used to control up to four electrical solenoids. It can:

  • Provide manual control via Observant Global and can be scheduled from within the Observant Scheduling App.
  • Show the current state of the output.
  • Provide history showing the Solenoid's on and off time.

Sparkline view of the actions of a Solenoid over a week's time span as seen in Observant Global:


Irrigation Control

Supported hardware

The LSR card can be used in conjunction with a C3 Cell/900 Telemetry Module and High Current Cable. It is not compatible with a Solo or C3 Cell/UHF telemetry module.

The solenoids to be controlled can be either a 2- or 3-wire type and should meet the following electrical specifications:

Nominal supply voltage: 12 VDC
Maximum current draw: 3–4 A

Specific hardware that has been used successfully in Solenoid control applications includes:

  • Gemsol 
  • Hunter DCSOL.
  • Irritrol/Richdel 205MT.
  • AquaNet Plus.


Connection to the field unit

Refer to the wiring instructions accompanying the device and connect it to a field unit as described here: C3 Latching Solenoid Router Card — Installation

Note that the LSR card needs the C3 unit's RS485 1 port available for correct operation, so any other sensors (such as weather station, soil probe, etc.) should be connected to the the RS485 2 port of the C3 unit. 


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