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The Tech Note, OBS-USR-TN001 R2, C3 Latching Solenoid Driver Card, is available for printing and downloading. For somewhat larger illustrations of that Tech Note, see Technical Note — C3 Latching Solenoid Driver Card — Installation. Note that the C3 Latching Solenoid Driver Card has reached the end of its lifecycle.


The Latching Solenoid Driver Card is used to control up to four electrical solenoids. The Observant Solenoid Driver Card is an optional part that can be installed only to an Observant C3 field unit.  

The Solenoid Driver Card can:

  • Provide manual control via Observant Global and can be scheduled from within the Observant Scheduling App.
  • Show the current state of the output.
  • Provide history showing the Solenoid's on and off time.

Sparkline view of the actions of a Solenoid over a week's time span as seen in Observant Global:

Supported hardware

The device to be controlled should meet the following electrical specifications:

Nominal supply voltage: 12 VDC
Maximum current draw: 3–4 A

Specific hardware that has been used successfully in Solenoid control applications includes:

  • Hunter DCSOL.
  • Irritrol/Richdel 205MT.
  • AquaNet Plus.

Typical Application

Irrigation Control


Connection to the field unit

Refer to the wiring instructions accompanying the device and connect it to a field unit as described here: C3 Latching Solenoid Driver Card — Installation.



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