Release Notes — September 25, 2015

Observant Support

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End User License Agreement
  • To ensure all users are kept informed of the latest Observant Global End User License Agreement, review and acceptance of the current version of the agreement has been incorporated into the user sign-in process. Please review this Help Desk article for more information.


  • More informative scheduling alerts
  • Incremental loading for the “completed” schedules list
  • Improved pump display in the assets manager and the schedule view
  • Account for sequence interval during a user triggered skip request (as well as auto-skip on failure)
  • Send the user a warning when an actuator has lost its position
  • Schedule history audit view

Crop Manager
  • Local ET calculation is now supported both in the US and in AU.
  • Sensors can now be deactivated at the end of a growing season.
    • History will remain the same from the moment a sensor was deactivated.
    • Warnings and errors for deactivated sensors will be ignored.

User Notifications
  • Significant infrastructure upgrade and design improvements in order to provide timely and reliable user notification
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