Release Notes — October 29, 2015

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Crop Manager

Several User Experience Improvements

  • Improved the overall ease of use with small-screen devices (such as smartphones).
  • Improved both scrolling and use of the available screen.
  • Removed some user-interface items (such as the map) for use when device screen is small.
  • Improved loading speed.

A sample cell phone screen:

New User-Comment Capability

Users may now add comments (associated with specific data points) on the right-hand margins of their charts.

New Water-Use Bar Chart

Daily changes in soil moisture can be displayed as a water-use bar graph in the main charting screen alongside the actual soil moisture line chart and other data such as daily ET. The changes in water use are shown in the same units as the soil moisture, and should be considered arbitrary "Soil Moisture Units."

Future Crop Manager Features

In addition to adding a capability to graph Root Sum, as well as the current, weighted Root Average, in future Observant Global may provide customers who are comfortable with such a procedure the ability to apply their own calibrations to Soil Moisture Units (raw, arbitrary sensor outputs) to infer VWC.

When doing so, however, we will refrain from making any claims (one way or another) regarding the accuracy with which such data will correspond to actual VWC.

New Pump Monitoring Alert

Customers can now configure Observant Global to provide warning alerts whenever a diesel engine controller senses an engine coming to a stop. The software will then provide an alert when the engine's RPM falls from a positive value to zero. Note that such warnings will occur regardless of whether the engine stopped during normal operation or due to some unexpected event. By default, this alert system is turned off; thus, one must actively choose the option (via the cog menu) to implement it.

New Linak Actuator "Lost Position" Alarm

Customers can now subscribe to “Lost Position” alarms on a Linak Actuator. Note that this is a condition which will require user intervention to reset the device.



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