Release Notes — November 27, 2015

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Crop Manager

  • Daily depletion and daily recharge are now separate items on the legend. They are named "Root Zone Depletion" and "Root Zone Recharge" respectively
  • Values have been removed from the legend. This is to simplify this part of the UI and reduce potential confusion arising from correlating the value on the legend with some value on the chart.
  • The part of the legend which used to read "Soil Moisture" now reads "Root Zone Weighted Average"
  • The chart tooltip system has been overhauled. In light of the additions of so many daily summarized columns to the chart, the large tooltip at the top of the chart is gone and instead you will have to mouse-over an individual point on the chart. This ensures correct and sensible operation of the chart tooltip in all cases; whereas the old tooltip mechanism sometimes produced confusing results in cases like in the screenshot.
  • Chart colors will be preserved in the case where the chart series is removed, and then added back. NB: chart colors do not, at this stage, get preserved between page loads.
  • Fixed a bug where a weather station with partial history would cause the Evapotranspiration series to display incorrect date values.
  • Added a tooltip over the management status (the % full) on the map page to give some detail on the underlying values.
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