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The Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station is designed to measure temperature, humidity, dew point, solar radiation, wind speed, rainfall, and (optionally) UV radiation.

As part of an Observant system, a Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station will record:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Solar Radiation
  • Wind Speed (5-minute average and Gust)
  • Rainfall historical totals—Flow today, 7 Days, this month, this year.

Observant Global views of a Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station:



Supported hardware

  • Observant Item Number: 01671
  • Observant Product Name: Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station, C3 Add-on Pack

Connection to Field Unit Ports

Field Unit Port  Interface cables and Connectors
C3 RS485  C3 to Device cable (Item #00774) + Davis Interface cable (Item #01643)


Ensure that the positioning of the weather station is such that its shadow does not fall on the solar panel of the telemetry field unit.


Adding in Global

When adding the device in Global, choose PortA if sensor is connected to RS485 1 port or PortB if sensor is connected to RS485 2 port.  Power should remain as Default.


Manuals, Links and Downloads


Manufacturer's Product Page

Manufacturer's Installation Manual
The Integrated Sensor Suite Installation Manual for the Vantage Pro2 weather station is available for printing and downloading.

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