Why does Observant Global ask me to acknowledge a Licence Agreement?

Observant Support

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Observant recently made a change to Global that means all customers will be presented with the Global Services End User Agreement when you log in to Global.

Why did Observant make this change?

Most software services come with an End User Agreement that establishes the purchaser's right to use the software, and outlines the ways in which the software can be used. 

The Global Services End User Agreement has always been in place, but we're making it much more prominent to ensure that all our customers have a chance to read and accept it prior to using Global.

The content of the agreement has not changed significantly at all; we're just making it easier to find.

Can I elect not to accept the Agreement? 

Yes, you can elect not to accept the agreement. In that case, you will be logged out of Global and returned to the sign-in screen.

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