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End-of-life Products as of June 2015

As part of the evolution of Observant products, we will sometimes have products that reach the end of their lifecycle. A product is identified as end of life when it has not been offered for sale for a period of time and has been superseded by another Observant or third-party product.

Once a product has reached end of life:

  • in the case of an Observant “platform” (field unit) product, support for the product in the field will be limited to maintaining existing function, i.e. no additional sensors or features may be added to the field unit
  • a repair service is not available for the product
  • should the product need to be replaced, a feature-equivalent product will be recommended from the current Observant product range

As at June 2015, the end-of-life product list is as follows:

Platform Products

End of Life



1 July 2012



1 August 2015



Monitoring Products

End of Life


Axis 225 Camera

1 July 2011


L1 Level Sensor

1 July 2014

Ultrasonic level sensor

M1 Engine Controller

1 July 2012

Observant-ready engine management panel

M2 Engine Controller

1 July 2015

Observant-ready engine management panel

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If you have any questions, please contact your Observant dealer or our support team by raising a support request in Observant Global.


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