Products Affected by Shutdown of the 2G Data Network

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Telstra’s Shutdown of the 2G Data Network

In July 2014 Telstra announced their plan to close down their 2G (GSM) data network by the end of 2016.

C2-based gateway Observant systems installed prior to 2014 include a gateway field unit that uses Telstra’s 2G network to communicate with Observant Global.

The following products are affected and will no longer be able to connect to Global after Telstra’s shutdown of the 2G network:

  • Observant C2 equipped with Maxon Modmax modem
  • Observant C2 equipped with Maxon Intermax modem

Upgrade path

Any existing gateway units that rely on the 2G network must be replaced by a 3G-capable unit prior to the end of 2016 to ensure they will continue to deliver data to Observant Global.

All affected C2 units are equipped with both a 2G modem and a UHF radio for local communications. The appropriate product to replace this model C2 is:

Product Code:



C3 with 3G/UHF comms, solar enclosure

Antenna selection:

Contact your Observant dealer or the Observant support team to ensure your new C3 is supplied with a set of antennas appropriate to your application

More information

You can read Telstra’s announcement online here:

If you have any questions, please contact your Observant dealer, or our support team by raising a support request in Observant Global.


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