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Our Customer Service Promise

Our Promise

At Observant, we understand the need for a customer service attitude which overcomes distance. We have a team of dedicated people who pride themselves on delivering an exceptional level of service. This approach extends to all aspects of our products, from comprehensive testing to specially designed packaging, built for long-haul off-road transit.

We have designed our products to be easily installed. Many of our customers are able to install the system themselves, aided by our detailed installation and user guides. Alternatively, customers can access our national network of skilled technicians to provide a full on-site service.

Across the life of Observant products, we provide product and upgrade assistance through our telephone and internet support team.

How Does It Work?

Observant offers three tiers of support that determine how a customer can make contact with Observant support and our commitment to respond to requests for assistance. Regardless of support level, we are committed to respond to support requests for all Observant equipment installations.

If you have multiple Observant accounts you can choose to your level of support for each individually depending on your needs.

Contact Methods

Observant supports the following methods for customer to liaise with Observant on issues requiring support.

Method Explanation Tier Available
Direct Call-in / Call back A customer can call Observant support directly or request to have a call returned within an established time frame Platinum
Schedule Call A customer can contact Observant and request a time for a scheduled support call for some fixed time in the future. Platinum,
Help Desk This allows a customer to contact Observant via monitored support email addresses, online forms and knowledge bases. Platinum,
Response Times

The elapsed times for first contact from Observant for new issues raised vary with support level:

Method Response Time Explanation Tier Available
Priority 4 business hours This response level is used for the most critical issues when contact and resolution are of the highest priority Platinum
Planned 2 business days For issues of importance that need prompt attention Platinum,
Standard Best effort, as available Observant is dedicated to excellent customer support, and whilst some issues aren’t urgent they still need to be addressed Platinum,

With a global support team in Melbourne, Australia, all tiers of support are available during Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Australian Eastern Standard Time excluding Victoria gazetted public holidays.

Platinum support customers can also schedule support contact outside of business hours for circumstances that require it.

Support Level Access
Scenario Tier Time Period
Platinum Paid Platinum Annual Renewed Support Contract directly with Observant
Observant Global paid subscribers  Gold Valid for length of Observant Global paid subscription
Scope of Support – What We Cover

Observant support services cover: troubleshooting of field problems, diagnosis of software faults, assistance with using and configuring Observant software

Observant support services do not cover physical installation, code development, third party software support, third party devices not sold by Observant, system administration tasks (problems with your computer’s configuration) or troubleshooting client-provided internet connections.

Resolved Queries

Once we’ve responded to your case, we’ll work with you to identify and resolve your problem. We consider cases resolved if:

  • Your problem is fixed.
  • The source of the problem lies with third party items. (In which case, we’ll continue to be a resource as you work with the third party on resolution.)
  • You don’t respond to a query or request from us for within a reasonable time.

For recurring issues, you may choose to re-open the case later.

Best Practice and New Feature Guidance

We will provide best practice recommendations to improve performance and efficiency. We will make recommendations on how new Observant Global offerings may fit into your use case.


Business Hour
An hour within Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), excluding gazetted Victorian public holidays.

Business Day
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), excluding gazetted Victorian public holidays.

First Contact
The various first contact methods allow Observant support to triage issues and provide appropriate support priorities proportionate to your selected support tier. Please note that the first response may be by the same method of your first contact (for example an email response to an email or online request) if no preferred method of contact has been indicated.

Help Desk
From the Help Desk, all support customers can:

  • Submit a Support Ticket online;
  • Send us more information;
  • Check on the status of your open Support Tickets;
  • Track any telephone or online correspondence between you and our support engineers; and
  • Access other handy resources, including our Knowledge Base.
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